Weekend Immune System Review

Weekend Immune System

By: Holly Tierney-Bedord

Genre: Choose your own adventure, chick lit


I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. This was such a fun read! I love grown-up choose your own adventure books so when an author I already love said she had written one, I was way thrilled! You “play” as Juniper, a girl who isn’t in the greatest situation. She has a lazy, broke on-and-off boyfriend. She has to move out of her apartment due to developers. She works spraying lawns with pesticide, which pays decently, but isn’t exactly fulfilling.

You get to choose what happens to Juniper from there. Will she get a new job or a new boyfriend? Will she live happily ever after or die alone? Will she be a wife and mother or a career woman (or both)? The endings to this book are extremely varied, which I loved. There are many different ways for Juniper to end up happy and fulfilled and it didn’t seem like there were as many where she ended up not-so-happy (although they exist). I do love a happy ending! This was a fun, quick read and you can choose how long you want to spend finding different endings. I would definitely recommend this fun chick lit to fans of the choose your own adventure genre!

*Book cover provided by the author*

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