Ugly Love Review

ugly love


Let me be clear, I’m one of those girls who only likes crying if it’s of the “laughing so hard I have tears streaming down my face” variety.

This book, however… *sigh* THIS BOOK, guys!

I hurt so much reading this book. There were big, fat, ugly tears.

The main male character, Miles, is obviously pretty messed up. No emotions whatsoever. Completely closed off.

When the main female character, Tate, starts showing an interest in him, I was screaming at the screen, “NO! NO! Don’t do it! He’s emotionally unavailable! WORSE THAN THAT! He’s emotionally INCAPABLE! You’re only going to get hurt!”

Yet even as I warned the leading lady away from him in my mind, I couldn’t help but hope. To wish that this beautiful, stubborn girl might be able to help this broken man, to heal him.

Psychologically speaking, that’s not a good thing. Romantically speaking, that’s good story!

The reader knows Tate’s thoughts, feelings, and actions as they are happening, but Miles’ perspective takes place six years earlier, when the traumatic event that shrouded his heart in ice occurred. We get into the head of teenaged Miles, and bit by bit, his story unfolds.

Meanwhile, present day Miles established rules to govern their relationship. It’s only physical. They’re not friends. They’re not lovers. The best description for them would probably be f*** buddies. The only two rules for Tate are that she cannot ask about his past, and she cannot expect a future. He doesn’t want her to get hurt. He doesn’t want her to hope.

Too late. Tate’s in too deep, and as their physical connection escalates, so does their emotional bond. But everytime he starts to feel things he doesn’t think he can or should feel, Miles pushes her away.

She knows she deserves more, but she can’t stay away. (Again, psychologically? Bad! Very bad! But romantically? Spot on!) Tate tries to chip away at the ice he surrounds himself in, but there’s no signs of thawing on his part. Physically, they’re explosive together. Practically, though, they’re terrible.

I won’t tell you how the rest of the story goes, or how it ends, but OHMYWORD, this book made me feel ALL THE FEELS!

If I had to criticize anything about the book, it would be how I felt extremely uncomfortable with the borderline emotional abuse that occurs, which I mentioned already. One of my best friends is a psychology major, and I could just see her analyzing the story to death and how she would recommend that Tate run for the hills! That being said, my romance novel loving self was totally into how Tate tried to stand by her man, choosing to be in pain WITH him than be in pain WITHOUT him. I know it’s messed up! I know it’s bad! But I can’t help but love it!

Other than my personal scruples on that one issue, I thought the book was great! The pacing was good,the setting believable, and I ended up really invested in the main characters.

I don’t know why I’ve waited this long to read anything by Hoover, but I must admit, I’m impressed!

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