Throwback Thursday- The Babysitter’s Club

Throwback Thursday- The Babysitter’s Club

Oh my goodness, these books by Ann M. Martin were my absolutely favorite as a pre-teen! I was obsessed with babysitting as soon as my mom said I was old enough to and of course, my literary characters had to like the same things that I did. I got a huge, FREE box of books from one of my dad’s co-worker’s daughters when I was about 12 and it had TONS of Babysitter’s Club books in it. I was thrilled!

The books centered on a few teenage girls who decided to form a Babysitter’s Club. I seriously thought that was the best idea ever. As a kid, I was always trying to come up with little businesses to make money. My BFF and I had a car wash “business,” a doll clothes “business,” and once sold baked goods and lemonade in front of our house while our little sisters had a yard sale. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have any other friends who babysat, so no club for me! But I would have given anything to have been a part of Stacy, Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne, and Dawn’s gang.

Each girl purposely (I’m assuming) had completely unique personalities and interests, except for the babysitting thing. Kristy was the “fearless” leader- loud and bossy, but smart. Claudia was the artsy fashionista, while Mary Anne is a sheltered smart and sensitive girl. Stacey is good at math and drifts in and out of being a part of the club. Dawn also drifts in and out of the club, but she is the environmentally conscious health nut. No BSC fan can forget the “junior” club members, as well- Mallory and Jessi- or the male babysitter, Logan.

Each book is about a different club member and the plot is usually about a problem in the member’s personal life and/or babysitting life. One of my favorite books was “Kristy and the Secret of Susan,” which was about Kristy babysitting for a girl with autism. Although it wasn’t a completely accurate portrayal of someone with autism, I still liked the awareness the book raised. The Babysitter’s Club book series sparked a TV series of 13 episodes and a movie. These books are still awesome and relevant to pre-teens and teens today!

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