Throwback Thursday- American Girls

Throwback Thursday- American Girls

What girl didn’t love American Girl dolls and books? I had the Kirsten doll because she looked like me. The books were educational, but also fun! I had a boxed set of all the dolls’ first books, well, the dolls that were around when I was a kid.

Felicity is growing up in colonial America right around the time of the revolution. In the first book, she falls in love with a horse who isn’t being treated well. I love American history. Another book was about Addy. Addy is a slave whose family is planning their escape. But then, Addy’s father and brother are sold to another slave owner. Addy’s life was very tough and often heartbreaking to read about as a young girl. However, it was very educational and is important for girls to know about. Samantha seemed to be everyone’s favorite doll and book character. She grew up in one of the most romantic eras, Victorian England. Samantha lives with her wealthy grandmother and becomes friends with the less-privileged Nellie.

Kirsten is an immigrant from Sweden. She has to adjust from her Swedish ways to her new American life. Molly was another one of my favorites. She lived during the World War II and experiences rations, as well as a mother who works for the Red Cross helping wounded soldiers. Josefina is a Mexican girl living in New Mexico. This story is about Josefina and her sisters helping their father survive on their ranch after their mother’s death.

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