Three Wishes Book Review

Three Wishes

By Liane Moriarty

Genre: Women’s fiction, chick lit

This was a cute read. It was a little bit different than other Liane Moriarty books I have read. It had a less complicated plot in my opinion. This book is about three triplets. The book starts with the girls having a birthday lunch where one sister stabs her pregnant sister’s belly with a fork. Most of the rest of the book is a telling of the events up to that point. Gemma is the easy-going, peace-keeping, free-spirited sister who flits from job to job. Kat is married to Dan and they’ve been trying to have a baby. I would say she’s the more emotional sister. Lynn is the most successful sister. She’s always busy. She owns her own business and has a step-daughter and daughter. The rest of their family plays a large role in the story as well. Intermixed with the girls’ stories were other people telling stories about seeing the girls at various times throughout their lives. That was an interesting addition to the book.

The three characters are different enough that I think readers will relate to at least one of them. I grew to like each of them in their own way. You find out deep secrets about them and their relationships with each other and with others. Moriarty always includes incredible character development in her stories and this one is no exception. You watch all of the characters go through great changes.

I really enjoyed the characters and their stories, but I have liked her other stories better. This one was missing a big twist like her other books have. I would still recommend it to fans of women’s fiction. Four out of five stars.

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