This Last Kiss Book Review and Giveaway

Last Kiss

This Last Kiss

By Madeleine Reiss

Genre: Literary Fiction, Women’s Fiction

Book Summary:

Rora Raine is finally coming home to Hastings, twelve years after she left her grief-stricken father, and fled the love of her life, Carl.

Struggling to support her bright but troubled daughter, Rora has convinced herself she’ll never love again.

When she meets a bumblingly charming stranger, Rora’s heart begins to thaw.

Try as she might, she can’t run from true love forever.

Funny, warm-hearted and soaringly romantic, This Last Kiss is the redemptive story of two star-crossed lovers, told through each kiss they share.

Book Review:

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. This book was an unexpected delight! It was a little bit of romance, a little bit of relationship drama, and a little bit of finding yourself and finding closure. Rora comes back home to take care of her father, who is close to death. She and her father have had a difficult past and he’s never even met her daughter, Ursula. Rora takes her daughter with her to rescue her from the bullying problems of her old school. She is also worried about running into Carl, her former boyfriend. The book flashes between Rora’s past with Carl and the present day. This book also places a huge emphasis on kisses, seen by the book and chapter titles. It was a unique way to categorize things.

This story was extremely heartwarming. There were so many intricate relationships explored- Rora and her father, Ursala and Rora, Ursala and her grandfather, Rora and Carl, Rora and her new friend Krystof, and more relationships that I can’t share without giving spoilers. I loved seeing these relationships grow and change. This book was also full of character development. I loved following Rora’s journey from beginning to end. There were interesting turns and revelations throughout the book. It had great pacing. I would highly recommend this book to fans of women’s fiction!

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