The Time-Traveler’s Boyfriend Review

Review of The Time-Traveler’s Boyfriend

Author: Annabelle Costa

This book was AMAZING!! Isn’t it the best thing ever to get a free Kindle book and have it be great? I love that!!

This story sucked me in immediately with the engaging dialogue. I also like to see people with disabilities included in a book, so I was automatically intrigued. I felt for Claudia with her boyfriend being unable to commit. Their relationship was so sweet and charming, anyway, though. I loved both of these characters.

I also loved reading about the incredible things Adam created! That was a fun little extra in the book. I have read a few time-traveling books and enjoyed this author’s “take” on the whole time-travel thing.

This book was also VERY clever with its ending. I figured out some twists before the character did, but it didn’t bother me. I just thought the whole story had great foreshadowing and clever follow-through.

Overall, I really enjoyed everything about this book! It was a light, yet intelligent read!

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