The Thing Is Book Review


The Thing Is

By: Kathleen Gerard

Genre: chick lit, women’s fiction

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Wow, this book was fabulous! The kind that makes you both laugh and cry. The kind that touches your heart and speaks to you!

Meredith has been a near-recluse since the death of her fiancĂ© a few years ago. Her sister, Monica, is an accountant and one of her wealthy clients is named Helen. Helen breaks her foot and has to go to the hospital and Monica offers up her sister to watch Helen’s dog, Prozac. Prozac is a yorkie terrier, who is a therapy dog thanks to Helene’s generous donation, since he couldn’t actually pass the test.

Meredith has never owned a dog or been a “dog person,” so she is not happy about having Prozac… At first. She must take Prozac each week to visit the ladies of Evergreen, an independent living community for “mature” people. The residents all adore Prozac, but each has her/his own quirks and oddities! Through having Prozac, Meredith learns to love again and rejoins the world.

Something fun about this story is that most chapters are from Meredith’s perspective, but some are from Prozac’s perspective. Prozac is a special dog who has been reincarnated into different dog forms through the ages. He always comes to earth with a mission, mainly of connecting people to other people. Although I don’t believe in reincarnation, I loved this idea and thought it was a very sweet and interesting part of the plot. Prozac makes it his mission to get Meredith out of the house and connecting to other humans.

I loved Meredith’s character. She had many hilarious adventures with Prozac, adding a lot of humor to the story. Having a dog that hides whenever we try to go somewhere, I could relate. The ladies of Evergreen were an absolute hoot! They were full of gossip and schemes. Meredith also befriends two men in this story- each unique, kind, and important to her story. The characters definitely made the story.

This book had some lovely pearls of wisdom and I found myself wanting to save certain quotes. Prozac was one wise little dog. This book really touched my heart more than a chick lit normally does.

I would highly recommend this book. You will laugh and you will cry. Your heart will be moved by sweet (and crazy) Prozac!

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