“The Seven Steps to Closure” Man Crush Monday

The Seven Steps to Closure Man Crush Monday and Book Review

Title: The Seven Steps to Closure

Author: Donna Joy Usher

Genre: Chick Lit

Pages: 410

Published: By Lush Publications on May 12, 2012

I downloaded this book, “The Seven Steps to Closure” months and month ago when it came up for free on BookBub (love that website and their daily emails!). I finally got around to reading it and I LOVED it! Surprisingly enough, I think I’m going to give it five stars!

Main character Tara just turned thirty and is STILL not over her divorce from ex-husband, Jake. It doesn’t help that she still has to see and hear about Jake, as he is engaged to her cousin and running for Lord Mayer. One of Tara’s friends read a Cosmo article about the Seven Steps to Closure. The steps are:

1.  Get a new haircut

2. Get a new wardrobe

3. Start a new hobby

4. Have meaningless sex

5. Travel to an exotic destination

6. Have meaningful sex

7. Obtain closure

Tara decides to take the challenge! The book is very fun right from the beginning, but I feel like it really gets interesting once Tara moves onto step number 5. Tara decides to let the universe decide where she goes by throwing darts at a map and ends up going to India! I loved that she was going somewhere more “gritty” than most chick lit novels (I’ve read a lot lately with girls going to Caribbean islands). While in India, she re-connects with “meaningless sex” guy and he asks her to come along on his trip.

MAN CRUSH MONDAY: I loved the love interest, Matt, in this story. He was so incredibly sweet to Tara, always looking out for her. He didn’t mind that she had some meat on her bones and had a big appetite. He liked her even when she was very REAL around him (read more about that in the next paragraph!). He ends up being something of a hero when disaster struck in India, risking his life for others. I also think there’s something attractive about a journalist- a man who can write well and will do anything to chase the perfect story! I don’t always love chick lit men, but Matt was good through and through and also, HOT! Their relationship reminded me a little bit of my husband and me.

I loved reading about all the places they went in India. I felt like I got a good idea of the culture. They were even in the same town as where a bombing occurred. Tara’s reaction was very fitting and although it was a chick lit, the situation wasn’t taken lightly and it showed some of the realism of the world. Throughout the book, funny, unlucky situations keep happening to Tara and India is no exception. She has to give up her shoes to go into a Temple and gets the wrong shoes back. By far, the luckiest and most realistic situation was when Tara gets “Delhi belly” and is terribly sick in the bathroom. She’s so embarrassed because Matt can hear- and possibly smell- her outside the bathroom door! This just added to the cuteness and realness of their relationship.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book. It was the perfect blend of chick lit, humor, realism, and romance. I would highly recommend this book!

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