The Runaway Princess Book Review

The Runaway Princess

By Hester Browne

Genre: Chick Lit, Romance

4 out of 5 stars. Main character Amy is a landscaper who starts dating a real-life prince. She didn’t know Leo was a prince when she met him, but she fell in love anyway. It’s hard for Amy to handle dating a prince. She comes from a middle class background and there is some drama that happened with her sister that we only get glimpses of until the end of the story. Leo’s world is so different with glittering charity balls, private planes, and castles. Will Amy truly be able to fit into Leo’s world?

I loved Amy as a chick lit main character. I loved the fact that she had such an unconventional job. She really loves her job and she and her work partner have dreams of starting a beekeeping business. She is a really likeable girl and a good friend. Sometimes, she annoyed me a little bit because she didn’t give Leo an opportunity to fit into her world. Leo was a true prince and totally swoon-worthy, but he also had some flaws. I also like Amy’s best friend, Jo. She had a very unique personality that led her to her job bossing around construction crews and overseeing projects for wealthy people.

This book had a few unexpected twists. At times, the plot moved slowly. However, it was an enjoyable, sweet romance and chick lit. I would definitely recommend it to fans of Hester Browne!

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