The Rosie Project Review

The Rosie Project

By Graeme Simsion

A huge thanks to my blog partner, Lindsey, for giving me this book!! 5 out of 5 stars! This was a great book, just as I had heard it would be! Don Tillman appears to have Asperger’s. He processes everything logically and has difficulty reading social cues. Don knows that statistically, married men live longer, so he sets out to find a wife. He creates a complex survey to eliminate any unqualified women. During this wife project, he meets Rosie, who doesn’t meet many, if any, of the qualifications. Although he isn’t considering her as a match, he decides to help her find her biological father.

Don was a great character. Although he is “odd,” he is likeable and his actions are understandable because as the reader, you are inside his head. You are definitely rooting for him to find a suitable partner. The secondary characters are extremely diverse and interesting.

This book was engaging right from the beginning and I read it all in one evening! I can’t wait to read the sequel. This book is part romance and part romance, but it’s not a chick lit. It’s pretty much a story for everyone who doesn’t hate love. It’s very sweet and uplifting.

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