The Real Rebecca Greenleigh Book Review

The Real Rebecca Greenleigh Book Review


Title: The Real Rebecca Greenleigh

Author: Lucy Kiel

Pages: 372

Publisher: Turbine Press

Book Description

“What if one lie could give you everything?

A new job, a gorgeous new boss … everything is finally falling into place for Rebecca Greenleigh. Except for one small problem.

She isn’t who anyone thinks she is …

While her best friend gets promoted, Rebecca Greenleigh’s life is heading in the opposite direction. Redundant, unable to pay the rent, it seems Becky must leave London and move in with her parents – until she gets an email that seems too good to be true.

She’s been invited to a job interview. The kind of job she never thought she could get. In fact, the kind of job she’s never even applied to.

And she definitely didn’t apply to this one.

What’s going on? Has fate thrown her a lifeline? Or is it madness to even consider it?

But Becky’s desperate. And everyone lies in job interviews, right? Especially when the guy asking the questions looks that good …” (Book description used with permission from the author)

Book Review

I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. Today, I’m excited to share with you a fun and fabulous book by debut author Lucy Kiel! This story is about main character Rebecca Greenleigh, who is down on her luck. Rebecca has been unemployed for so long that she sees no other option but to move out of the apartment she shares with friends and move back home. That is, until she finds out her parents are moving to Australia! Rebecca thinks her luck is changing when she gets an email inviting her to an interview. The only problem is she never applied for the position and isn’t qualified for it. Rebecca is desperate enough to go to the interview, ends up getting the job, and starts developing feelings for her boss. Uh-oh!

Rebecca was SUCH a likeable character. Typically, I don’t like dishonest characters, but I felt really bad for the difficult situation she was put in and understood why she pretended to be a different person. I also loved Rebecca because she was a real person. Her anxiety over attempting to do the job she knew nothing about was so relatable. Rebecca was at times overly-emotional and over-analyzed things (doesn’t every girl??). She was more genuine than the typical chick lit character, because she was flawed.

I also enjoyed the secondary characters and the subplots. Rebecca’s friends were varied, interesting, and had their own stories going on. The love interest was extremely likeable (I don’t always like the guy characters in chick lit books!). The reader pretty much likes him from the beginning, there’s no “hard outer shell” to break through. Honestly, that was refreshing and not-cliche.

The story was really engaging because of the main character. I got sucked into the story. It was also well-written. I’m actually shocked this was written by a first-time author because it was really fabulous right from the beginning! I would seriously love to see a sequel featuring Rebecca Greenleigh.

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