The Queen Gene Book Review

The Queen Gene Book Review

Author: Jennifer Coburn

Genre: Chick lit

4 out of 5 stars! This sequel to Tales From the Crib was hilarious! Lucy and her husband, Jack, are fulfilling their dream of an artist colony. They have three guest houses in the back of their home for visiting artists. There is Chantrell, who plays the cello to encourage plants to grow. Maxime is a “pinprick” artist who moves in with his wife, Jacuqe. Randy is a very attractive glass blowing artist. Soon after the guests move in, their personalities seem to change and the place becomes a black hole, sucking everyone’s creativity. The house starts repairing itself and multiple women get injured from tripping and falling. Lucy doesn’t think much of it until someone suggests they may have ghosts. In addition, Lucy’s family visits Aunt Bernice in Florida, Lucy’s mom buys an anxious dog, Jack buys an old VW he parks on the front lawn to decorate for each season, and there is a wedding with a body painted bride. Just another day in the crazy life of Lucy and her family!

This book had less of an overall plot than the last book did. The possibility of a ghost was not brought up until late in the book. I did wish the book had a little more of a major plot to tie all of those crazy events together. However, this only detracted a little bit from the story.

Again, the story was hilarious. Lucy and Jack are calm, even-tempered main characters in the midst of some crazy events. I enjoyed reading about Aunt Bernice, Anjoli, and Kimmy and continuing their lives from the last book. I also liked some new characters we met, especially Renee. If you’re looking for a funny, laugh out loud story with a good heart, check this series out!

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