The People V. Disneyland Book Review

The People V. Disneyland

How Lawsuits and Lawyers Transformed the Magic

By: David Koenig

Genre: Non-fiction

As you may have been able to tell from some of my previous book reviews, I love Disneyland and have recently begun reading books about the park! I really enjoyed reading about the various lawsuits of Disneyland and the legal history of the place! This book has numerous court cases, but also discusses how Disneyland and lawyers going up against Disneyland have changed their tactics throughout the years. It also talks about how certain lawsuits and laws led to changes in the park. Suing over injuries on a ride was expected, but there are lawsuits over Disneyland employees suing, people suing over security getting too rough with them, suing over a costumed character discriminating against their child, etc. Stuff I never would have thought of! Some of the cases were so bizarre- very fascinating stuff. I do wish this book went into more detail about some of the cases. At times, it reads like a laundry list of lawsuits. I’m assuming not that much information was available to the public about some of these cases and that’s why. Overall, though, this was a really interesting read!

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