The Little Lady Agency Books Review

Review of The Little Lady Agency Series

By Hester Browne

Book One: The Little Lady Agency:

5 out of 5 chickadees singing! Wow, this book was amazing! I didn’t realize when I bought it that Sophie Kinsella had actually recommended this author in a magazine, but as soon as I realized, I got excited. Sophie Kinsella is one of my absolute favorite authors and now, so is Hester Browne! Her main character, Melissa, had the same sweet innocence as Becky Bloomwood. In this first book, Melissa begins the Little Lady Agency to help out single men who need a woman to help them with tasks a girlfriend or wife would typically be responsible for (not ALL tasks- this is an innocent organization). In order to do this well, she puts on a blonde wig and creates an alter ego named “Honey” who is more feisty and assertive than herself. When Melissa begins helping an attractive, successful client named Jonathan, she struggles to keep the relationship professional.

This book was a great example of why I love British chic lit. Melissa was a very interesting and likable character with a good heart. The situations she got herself into could be hilarious at times. Her family was crazy, but fun to read about! Really, all the characters in this novel were fully-developed and added to the plot. I couldn’t wait to keep reading and see what happened next and upon finishing, I was so thrilled there are sequels!

Book Two: Little Lady, Big Apple:

Three out of five chickadees singing. While Melissa’s flat is being renovated, she temporarily moves to New York where her new boyfriend is now living. Their relationship faces challenges as he works too much and she ends up in the tabloids after agreeing to reform a tactless, awkward actor into a respectful heartthrob.

Book two was my least favorite in the series. My main issue with this book was that I felt like there was no real plot. It was more like “a day in the life of” novel; I wasn’t on the edge of my seat, wanting to read more. The big conflict didn’t even come until the very end of the story and it was resolved rather quickly. I still enjoyed and cared about the main character and I guess that was my reason for finishing the book. After reading the second book, I was wary to read the third one and didn’t pick it up until nearly a year later.

Book Three: The Little Lady Agency and The Prince:

Four out of five chickadees singing! This is the third book in The Little Lady Agency series. I loved book one, but found book two lacking in actual plot and somewhat boring. I am happy to say that Hester Browne got her groove back with book number 3! There was a lot more action going on. 

Melissa is continuing to run her agency, while visiting her now fiance every weekend in Paris, where he wants her to move to. She has been given the task of turning Prince Nicky into a proper prince instead of a playboy prince and agrees to help out her grandmother, who is good friends with Nicky’s grandfather. Nicky is, at first, a hard character to love because of his naughty antics and selfishness. However, as Mel and the reader get to know Nicky more, he turns into a really fun, secretly sweet character to read about. 

I can’t say too much about this book without giving away spoilers. I had accidentally read a review that told me the ending of this book previously and I felt disappointed. I wasn’t sure how Hester could make that ending happen and happen believably. However, the book is long enough to pack in enough events, emotions, and conversations that I actually found myself accepting, even possibly enjoying, the ending! I was impressed that she avoided the temptation to villain-ize any characters, which would have been a cheap, easy way to bring about the ending she wanted. 

Series as a whole: I would recommend this series. Now that I’m finished, I’m going to miss the Little Lady Agency. Melissa is a sweet, sometimes naive, character. It’s fun to read between the lines and laugh at the scandalous things secondary characters say that she doesn’t understand. Her crazy family is crazy, but not so annoying that you don’t want to read what wild things they are up to. None of Hester’s characters are perfect, but they are so lovable with their flaws. I look forward to reading more of Hester Browne’s work!

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