The Big Overnight Book Review


The Big Overnight

By Libby Kirsch

Genre: Mystery, Adventure, Chick Lit


Sometimes The End is just The Beginning.
When the suspect in a Knoxville shooting confesses on camera, police say the case is closed. But then TV reporter Stella Reynolds gets an anonymous email that changes everything.
As she picks her way through a minefield of untruths and half-lies, she discovers everyone has secrets they’re desperate to keep—including the people closest to her. With the body count rising, Stella won’t stop digging until she lays all the secrets bare. Friendships, romance, and even her own life are all on the line.
Her work and personal lives collide in The Big Overnight, the thrilling third installment of the Stella Reynolds Mystery Series. Find out if Stella can track down the real killer before she reaches her final deadline.

Book Review

A huge thanks to Libby Kirsch for sending me her latest novel! I am reviewing it voluntarily. I have loved Stella Reynolds from book one and this latest installment was no exception. We get to see the return of many fun, big personalities like Janet, John, and Lucky. Stella catches a suspect’s confession on camera, but an anonymous email convinces her to keep digging. While she tries to figure out the case, she discovers the FBI has taken an interest in her. Meanwhile, a third party is threatening Stella if she doesn’t drop her investigation. The more Stella digs, the more layers she uncovers and she finds that corruption goes deeper than she ever expected. I love how Kirsch’s novels really lay out the investigation clearly, while still leaving some surprises until the end. The danger and mystery is interspersed with hilarious antics. Stella feels like a real person with flaws who makes mistakes, but she still kicks booty. The book ended with an idea of where Stella will be in the next story and I can’t wait to read it and find out what happens!

*Summary and pictures provided to me by the author. I was given this book and reviewed it voluntarily. We receive some compensation if you purchase the book using the link above.*

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