The Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw Series Review

The Travel Mishaps of Caity Shaw Series

By Eliza Watson

Genre: Chick Lit

I read book one and enjoyed it so much I had to quickly read the other two books in the series! There should be more books in the series coming out eventually. Check out my review of each book below.

Flying By The Seat of My Knickers (Book 1)

4/5 singing chickadees! I’m so glad I downloaded this book while it was free! It ended up being really good. Caity has just gotten out of an abusive relationship. She is desperately trying to become her own person and leave her fear behind. Her sister, Rachel, owns an event planning company and at the request of their mother, she hires Caity for a gig in Ireland. Caity doesn’t have much work experience and she’s trying not to embarrass Rachel, while hoping that they can get their sisterly relationship of the past back. Caity also finds out that their grandma was from a nearby town in Ireland. She is determined to find out why her grandma lied about her past.

This had similarities to a chick lit, but also dealt with the seriousness of moving past an abusive relationship. I really liked Caity and could empathize with her. We got to see how grow in this story. I will warn you that the book did end unfinished and you’ll have to keep reading the series for a satisfying conclusion. I liked the book so much, that I immediately purchased the second one!

Up The Seine Without A Paddle (Book 2)

4/5 singing chickadees! I really enjoyed the second installment in this series. These books are quick reads that keep your interest the entire time. Caity is working her second ever travel event in Paris. Declan, the one who recommended her and her possible love interest from the last book, is along as well. Caity learns more about event planning and is starting to grow in her confidence. Well, when she isn’t stuck playing nanny to the funeral director’s son. Meanwhile, Declan opens up about his past and Caity is wondering if she can trust him with her own story. She’s also trying to get up the confidence to tell her sister.

Caity annoyed me at certain parts in this book, with her desire to push Declan to open up more, while concealing her own past. She also overreacted to a lot of situations. Some of that was understandable with the relationship she just got out of. The first book’s summary gave me the impression that the series was a lot more focused on uncovering Caity’s grandmother’s history. That storyline takes more of a back burner than I had expected. However, these were minor complaints. I still really enjoyed this book. These are likable characters, the locations are interesting and detailed, and the pace is quick.

My Christmas Goose is Almost Cooked

5/5 singing chickadees! I’m happy to report that we finally find out about Caity’s grandma’s secrets in this book. Caity starts the book working another event with her sister, Rachel. They plan to go to Dublin to research their grandma’s past, but it turns out that only Caity is able to go. Declan volunteers to accompany her, as his family lives in the area. So Caity ends up meeting Declan’s family and trying to help all of them open up about and properly mourn Declan’s first love.

This was another enjoyable installment of the series. It’s fun to see Caity grow and become more confident with each book. I like that these books have hilarious escapades and romance, but also cover serious topics. I love the focus on family, too. I highly recommend you start the series soon so you can read this latest book around Christmastime.



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Fab Five Friday- Christmas Novellas

Fab Five Christmas Novellas I’ve Read

I know it’s past Christmas, but that’s when I read my Christmas books! Here were the best five Christmas short stories I read, this season and in season’s past.

1. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens: This is the classic Christmas tale of a guy turning from a Scrooge to kind-hearted, generous philanthropist due to the visits from Past, Present, and Future ghosts. I know everyone has seen the remakes and different versions of this story, but I think everyone should read the original story at least once.

2. The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson: This is a cute novella that mirrors the Bible story of Jesus being born. Christmas Valley is a touristy town for those obsessed with Christmas, but this year is not going according to plan for the residents.

3. Fairy Tale In New York by Nicky Wells: This Christmas tale is about a rock star, his girlfriend, and their baby girl. They get stranded in New York for Christmas after giving their seats up to a man so he can make his child’s birth. While stranded, they re-learn the spirit of Christmas and make a lot of new friends along the way. This was a really cute chick-lit Christmas story that warmed my heart.

4. ‘Twas the Nate Before Christmas by Sophie Sloane: This was an adorable story about a girl who has always been obsessed with England and the Beatles who is spending her first Christmas in England. She keeps running into a handsome guy and doesn’t know if she can trust him or not. She knows he has some sort of secret. I loved the main character and her over-dramatic first-person voice.

5. The Christmas Shoppe by Melody Carlson: Melody Carlson is the queen of cute, warm holiday novellas. We meet another little town called Parrish Springs that is full of different kinds of residents. A strange woman named Matilda comes to town and opens a thrift store of sorts, but her items have more of an effect on people than the typical thrift store fare. This book had a great message of redemption.

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