Harvesting the Heart Review

Harvesting the Heart

By Jodi Picoult

3.5 stars. It was better than some Picoult books I have read and worse than others. It’s a different kind of story, as it’s not about a current social issue. It doesn’t have twists or shocks. 

Paige’s mother abandoned her when she is 5. She is terrified she won’t be a good mother without an example set before her. Nicholas, Paige’s husband, is way past taking her for granted. Paige feels stressed and trapped by motherhood and ends up running away. She thinks if she can find her own mother, she will be able to figure out motherhood. 

Paige was not a relatable character to me, as she left her little 3 month old. Although I could relate to the feelings of stress or being trapped, I couldn’t relate to taking off. Nicholas was a jerk for much of the book, until her had to do things on his own. His mother was the most likeable character. I didn’t even see much character growth in this novel. The pace of it was okay, a bit slow at times. 

This wasn’t a bad book, but it wasn’t a great one.

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Everything You Ever Wanted Review

Everything You Ever Wanted

By Jillian Lauren

I didn’t know anything about Jillian Lauren before, I just love adoption memoirs. This novel should probably be required reading before adoption so you are prepared to handle the challenges. Jillian struggles with infertility and then she and her husband decide to adopt from Ethiopia. This is the story of adopting Tariku. 

She gets to meet his birth mother while overseas before she takes him home. This holds special meaning for her, as she herself was adopted. When she brings T home, she faces unexpected challenges. He pushes her away. He is aggressive toward her and toward other child, biting and hitting them. He gets kicked out of preschool. Jillian searches for answers, but they don’t come easily. Eventually, she learns about trauma and sensory processing disorder. Although T will always have his challenges, Jillian and her husband become powerful advocates for their child. 

This was an inspirational novel about the power of unconditional love and persistence.

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The Accidental Mother Book Review

The Accidental Mother Book Review

Title: The Accidental Mother

Author: Rowan Coleman

Genre: Chick Lit, Women’s Fiction

Pages: 416

Published: By Gallery Books on September 4, 2007

5/5 stars for me! I really enjoyed reading this story! It was light and fluffy chick lit, but had deeper themes as well. This book is about Sophie, a successful event planner who is very focused on her career and getting a promotion. She doesn’t have time for friends, so that’s why she is surprised to hear that her old school friend, Carrie, has passed away. The social worker reminds Sophie that she signed an agreement to take Carrie’s three and six year old daughters should anything happen to their parents. Carrie’s husband, Louis, hasn’t been in his family’s life for three years. Sophie takes the girls for a few weeks and hires a private detective to find their father.

Of course, Sophie is angry at Louis for walking out on his family, although she doesn’t know the whole story because she hasn’t spoken to Carrie the last three years. When Louis shows up, Sophie has conflicted feelings because he doesn’t seem to be the deadbeat dad she imagined. Sophie also questions her career-orientated life as she falls in love with the little girls.

I liked the characters in this story a lot. Sophie had a good-heart. The girls were incredibly quirky, sweet, and smart. It was interesting to watch them deal with the death of their mother and the situation of being sent to live with someone they barely know. Louis was complex and, like Sophie, you don’t know whether to hate or like him. All of the characters develop, especially Sophie, throughout the book. 

This book pulled me in. It’s not a totally unique plot, but it was well-done and I liked the twist of the father still being alive, but out of the picture. The writing style is engaging and the plot is fast-paced. It was an enjoyable read and I can’t wait to read the sequel!

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