Man Crush Monday – Arin

the winner's curse


Marie Rutkoski’s novel, The Winner’s Curse, kicked my butt with ALL THE FEELS!


I both loved and hated this week’s Man Crush Monday, Arin.


Purchased as a slave by the general’s daughter, Arin is actually a spying revolutionary determined to overthrow the invading government that took over his country and enslaved his people. Too bad he ends up falling in love with his owner. Betrayal and heartbreak ensue, and I was taken on an emotional roller coaster of love and hate. Ugh! So many feels!


Arin possesses many good qualities one looks for in a swoon-worthy character: good looks, brilliance, sarcasm, and musical talent. That being said, I kept calling him an idiot in the last half of the book!


I suppose he did the best he could with the hand he had been dealt. He treated Kestrel well, and did his best to become a good leader. I just wish he hadn’t stomped all over Kestrel’s heart in the process. (Sorry to be so vague, but SPOILERS!)


And just when I thought things might get better, there was THAT ENDING. Gaaahhh!


I don’t know what’s in store for Kestrel and Arin, but I DO know this, Arin makes one hell of a Man Crush Monday!

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Man Crush Monday – Day



Y’all, I just recently read Marie Lu’s Legend, and I am in LOVE!


Oh, Day!


He’s handsome. He’s smart. He’s brave. He’s thoughtful. Everything a book boyfriend SHOULD be!


Yes, he’s a criminal, but could you BLAME him?


The corrupt militaristic government is appalling! Sending ten year old kids to be tested for potential, and then shipping off “failures” to “labor camps,” where they actually become lab rats in sick government experiments before they’re ultimately killed?! WHAT THE EVEN HECK?!


Thank BOB Day survived!


And it’s that same scrappiness and courage that makes him such an irresistible character. That and his compassion. He’s like a dystopian Robin Hood, stealing from the government and giving to those in the plague-infested slums. Despite being legendary, he continues to help his family, and he even “adopts” a little girl off of the streets who couldn’t survive on her own.


I can’t get enough of this hero.


Even after going through so much (unspeakably horrible things), he continues to fight for what’s right. I’ve got to admit, I’m a little bit in love with Day, making him this week’s ManCrushMonday!


What book boyfriend is YOUR ManCrushMonday?


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Man Crush Monday – Levi



Hey, y’all! It is time for Man Crush Monday, the day when the internets are abuzz with girls plastering pics of their heartthrobs on Instagram and Twitter. Only here at ChickLitChickadees, we do things a little differently. Rather than post half naked photos of famous celebrities who are DBags in real life, we give a shout out to our favorite male literary characters.


Y’all already know what a big fan I am of Rainbow Rowell, and this week’s ManCrushMonday may be my favorite male character that she has created!


Levi is, quite simply, the bestest.


He is quirky and cute in an unconventional-prematurely-receding-hairline-kind-of-way.


A total gentleman, he would walk Cath back to her room from the library every night.


He pushes Cath to try new things, but is completely understanding when she’s not ready to step outside of her comfort zone every time.


He’s also patient. I don’t know many guys who would put up with Cath’s idiosyncrasies like he does.


He’s willing to drop everything at a moment’s notice if Cath needs him (like to rescue her drunk sister).


He’s not perfect, as evidenced by his learning disability, cowardice in admitting his feelings, and for the whole kitchen kissing debacle.


Still, this imperfection makes him more likeable. He’s real life.


He is totally into farming/sustainable homesteading. In this respect, he is a total nerd, which makes him a winner in my book.


He drives a truck.


Honestly, what’s there NOT to like about Levi?! I love, love, LOVE him, and he could very well be the best book boyfriend EVER!

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Man Crush Monday – Avan

Hey, y’all! It is time for Man Crush Monday, the day when the internets are abuzz with girls plastering pics of their heartthrobs on Instagram and Twitter. Only here at ChickLitChickadees, we do things a little differently. Rather than post half naked photos of famous celebrities who are DBags in real life, we give a shout out to our favorite male literary characters.

When I read Gates of Thread and Stone, I was definitely drawn to Kai’s shopkeeper friend, Avan. Not only is he cute, but he’s also kind. (Anyone else get all swoony when he added extra food for free to Kai’s groceries? No? Just me?) Add in the fact that he overcame adversity in the form of his home life (abusive father, ill mother), and you’ve got a guy with great character, which makes for a damn good story, and an awesome candidate for this week’s ManCrushMonday!

Avan is described by Kai as being too cool for school. You get the distinct impression that he was one of the “popular kids.” That being said, it also comes to light that this might be a front, a way to mask his pain.

His sexual history points to a boy so afraid of going home to his violent, drunken father, he would go home with anyone who offered him an escape. Avan himself said that his choices weren’t based on gender. The reader is lead to believe that he was motivated to seek comfort.

Whatever his past, his present in the book is book boyfriend worthy! He is patient, understanding, protective, and overall, AMAZING.

One irritant was how the chemistry between Kai and Avan was obvious, but they always danced around their feelings rather than embracing it.

I won’t get into too many details about the results of their feels, or what happens with Avan, because SPOILERS. Just read the book yourself! And then email me so we can freak out together. Because OHMYWORD! Lori M. Lee, you’re KILLING me!

Have you read this story yet? What do you think of Avan?

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Man Crush Monday – Robin the Hood

I LOVE the tale of Robin Hood! There’s just something so stirring about the story, that makes me want to go out and combat social injustice wherever I might find it! Three cheers for righting wrongs! Hoorah!


Image obtained from Goodreads
Image obtained from Goodreads

In mid-December, I read a Robin Hood retelling, Scarlet. Y’all may recall how yesterday I passionately ranted on how much I detested the love triangle the author created.

Well, that’s because Rob, in my opinion, is the only acceptable love interest!

Sir Robin the Hood was ousted from his rightful position as a muckety muck in town. While he was away fighting in the crusades, his family home was given away, and a corrupt sheriff takes his place. The sheriff is a seriously bad dude, and squashes the local poor under his despotic and greedy thumb.

To atone for all of the horrible acts he committed during the crusades, and in order to provide for his people, Rob forms a band that steals from the rich and distributes the goods to the poor. He manages to escape any attempt to capture him, and the populace loves him for it.

A brilliant strategist and quick to think on his feet, there were several instances in the book where I felt like swooning over The Hood’s heroic behavior.

Rob is responsible, loyal, fierce, aristocratic, intense, and good.

Maybe TOO good.

It’s a tad bit irritating how perfect he is. I’m not sure I’d actually enjoy that on a daily basis.

For the sake of ManCrushMonday, however, Robin the Hood is just the thing!

Be sure to pick up a copy of the book here, and see for yourself how swoon-worthy Robin is!


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