Swept Off Her Feet Review

Swept Off Her Feet

By Hester Browne

Genre: chick lit, romance

This was a cute and sweet book. It felt very similar to Browne’s “Finishing Touches” novel where the past has an impact on the future. Main character Evie works for an antiques expert and she is obsessed with the past. Every object tells a story and she’s more interested in that story than the object’s value. Evie’s sister, Alice, gets her an opportunity to go stay in a proper old English castle/mansion to find some valuables the owners can sell off to pay for the place’s upkeep. Most of the story takes place over the week Evie is there. She uncovers a romantic story about the past and meets the heir to the house, Robert, who she is inexplicably drawn to. She also gets roped into learning dances for a ball, although she has a horrible history with dancing.

Evie was a very loveable character. She had a sweet personality and a real passion for antiques. Not only does she fantasize the past, she fantasizes about men who aren’t real or who are unobtainable. I sometimes made relationships out to be more than they were in my younger days (don’t all girls?) so she was very relatable. Evie meets some interesting secondary characters, including the business-like and unsentimental Robert. As usual, opposites attract.

I loved some of the objects Evie discovered at the house and the stories that went along with them. Evie feels like she knows Violet, the American woman who fell madly in love with the castle’s previous owner, by the end of the story and so do we. That was a fun aspect to the story.

The book moved slowly in parts, but otherwise, it was a very enjoyable read. Great for fans of chick lit and romance and those who are looking for a lighthearted story.

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