Speak Now: Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Speak Now: Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Author: Becky Monson

Genre: Chick Lit

4 out of 5 stars. I finally read a Becky Monson novel! I’ve been meaning to read one of her books forever. Bridgette gets dumped by her boyfriend after two years, on the night she thinks she’s going to get engaged. The saddest part about it is that Bridgette loves Adam’s family. Even after the break up, she keeps in touch with his mom, Carla. That’s how she finds out that Adam is dating someone new after only two weeks. Shortly thereafter, they’re engaged.

Meanwhile, Bridgette runs into her ex best friend and eventual boyfriend from college, Ian. They are really re-connecting and Bridgette thinks he might be her future when she finds out he’s engaged!

I really enjoyed this story. It was predictable, but still good. I liked Bridgette a lot and her grandmother was adorable. Ashley and Justin were good, loyal friends. The book is mainly in the present, but there are flashbacks to Bridgette and Ian’s relationship in college. This book did a good job of keeping you in suspense about certain things and then slowly revealing the truth. It was a very quick read and kept my interest the whole time. I read it in one day! I look forward to reading more from Becky in the future.

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