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Poppy’s Three Men

Author: Sophie Sloane

Pages: 115

Genre: Chick Lit

PoppysThreeMen - Cover

4/5 chickadees singing! I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This was a cute and clever novella. It’s Poppy’s wedding day and she is looking back over her past three longest relationships. You don’t find out who Poppy is marrying until the very end. I really liked the idea for this story and the format. It switches back and forth between different times in the relationships, but the author makes it easy to keep track. Each of the three men is very different, but each have something Sophie is attracted to and each have some sort of flaw. This keeps things interesting, as you aren’t sure who Sophie will end up married to. Sophie herself is likeable, a girl trying to find true love, but also find herself and her work-related passion. 

My only quibble with the book is that I didn’t like the epilogue. It tied the book up, but there was a lot of information crammed in that the reader didn’t really need. Some of it was necessary to explain the ending, but it was written in a rushed manner. 

Other than that, I really enjoyed this read and getting inside of Poppy’s head! 4/5 stars

TwasTheNateBeforeChristmas - Cover

‘Twas the Nate Before Christmas

Author: Sophie Sloane

Pages: 60

Genre: Chick Lit, Holiday

4/5 chickadees singing! I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This was another cute story from Sophie Sloane! Daisy recently moved from Texas to England. She has always been obsessed with England and that includes a crush on young George Harrison. Daisy falls on the street at two different times and is helped up, both times, by a handsome man named Nate. Daisy begins seeing Nate everywhere, but begins to feel like he is hiding something or is untrustworthy. 

I enjoyed Daisy’s first-person voice and her sometimes over dramatic character. Nate was swoon-worthy, though mysterious. The secret revealed at the end was predictable, but that didn’t bother me. I still wanted to read and see how Daisy reacted. This story takes place at Christmas time, but is not super “Christmassy” and could be read any time of the year. A cute, little romance.


SophieSloane - Author
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