Single By Christmas Book Review


Single By Christmas

By Rosa Temple

Genre: Christmas, Chick Lit, Romance

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Alex is a 27 year old office-working girl who believes she has found the love of her life in Charlie. Charlie is a scientist, working to find a cure for breast cancer. Charlie is mature and sophisticated, a man who likes jazz, while Alex is a bit of a party-er. The story begins with Alex waiting to see if Charlie is going to show up for Christmas Eve. The reader knows something has gone wrong in their relationship, but not what happened. The book then rewinds to about a month earlier. Alex receives a job offer in another country, but isn’t ready to tell Charlie about it yet. She goes to visit the office and makes a mistake she regrets. Now she has to choose whether or not to tell Charlie and what that will mean for their future. In the meantime, her friend is sure her husband is cheating on her and enlists Alex and their other friend as spies.

Alex was definitely a mess of a main character. It was hard to feel sorry for her at times as I watched her make bad decision after bad decision and drive Charlie away. Still, I liked that she eventually realized the mistakes she made and tried to fix them. She was a good friend to her two girlfriends. Charlie was a great love interest and many readers will swoon over his patience and generosity.

The story moved quickly and kept my interest. It was engaging. Although it was difficult at times to empathize with the main character, I did want to see how her story ended up. There were a couple surprise plot points that I didn’t see coming. There was an epilogue so everything was tied up very nicely in the end, although I didn’t think the epilogue was even necessary. I thought the way that the book started, in a pivotal scene waiting to see if Charlie would show up, to rewinding back to when things went wrong, was a clever idea. I’m a sucker for Christmas books, so if you are, too, and enjoy romance and chick lit, I would recommend this read.

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