Sigma Force Book Signing

Sigma Force Book Signing

James Rollins2

Me, James Rollins, and my friend, Kassia :)

When I read there was going to be a book signing of a New York Times bestseller author right in my own backyard, I just knew I had to go! Although I’ve never read any of James Rollin’s Sigma Force series before, the series sounded fascinating. Suspense and mystery rooted in the past? Yes, please! So I asked my friend Kassia to accompany me on this journey. I was rather embarrassed that I had not read the book, but hoped that the author would be happy to have a new fan.

Well, it ended up being a HUGE event! We were there for 2 1/2 hours and people were still waiting in line when we left. We were introduced to his fan club, named “Sigma Soldiers Base Camp,” who were selling dog tags. There were also giveaways for those who had RSVP’ed for the event in advance (we didn’t know to!). They gave away two packs of the series and a set of dog tags. At about thirty minutes in, James Rollins himself spoke.

What he said was intriguing and fascinating, even for someone who had never read his books. He spoke of genetic biology and people creating new species in their backyards, “garage scientists” of sorts. Apparently there is little FBI supervision in that area. If someone creates something “bad,” they’re supposed to turn it in themselves. Scary!!! So James decided to write a book (his newest book) about this phenomenon. Apparently, it covers backyard experiments gone wrong as well as bio-terrorism. Fascinating!

We also heard that he does ninety days of research and then forces himself to write words down on paper on the 91st day. He said if he didn’t, he would just keep researching forever! We also found out he used to be a veterinarian. He said he didn’t think his personal life came through on his work until he realized that at the same time he quit veterinary work full-time, he gave a bunch of his characters animal companions. Too funny.

After the speech and Q and A, the crowd lined up and had a loooooong wait. When we got up there, we realized it was because James was chatting with each person, which was AWESOME because he takes such an interest in his fans. Besides his fan club, he also had one of his “beta readers” there. Most of the people at the event had seen him speak before multiple times and he often asked the group, “Did I already tell you this story last time?” It was great to see how dedicated and close-knit his fans were.

When we got up to James, I admitted to him that I was a new fan after hearing him speak and that I hadn’t read his series. He didn’t seem bothered at all and told me he hoped I enjoyed it! Although everyone was getting his newest book, “6th Extinction” signed, I bought the first book, “Sandstorm.” I’m eager to read it, although backed up on my reading list right now. Stay tuned for a future book review!

P.S. Zoom, the “Good News” magazine was also covering the event and we met their awesome photographer, Emilie Bourdages. Check her and the magazine out! I’ll be watching to see if our picture made it in. :)

James Rollins


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