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Save the Word


Have you ever had a book completely surprise you? This one certainly did!

A perfect mixture of romance and mystery, Johnson produced a story that sucked me in right away.

First off, it is set in New York City. WINNING! Secondly, the main character reminded me of actress Kate Hudson in the movie “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” – she’s a gutsy investigative journalist stuck in a job at a glamorous magazine, but dying to write about something more meaningful than juice diets or sex positions. MORE POINTS! Add in the backstory of first love, and the courage of a twin battling fatal cancer, and I was SWOONING! Not to mention the whole attempt at bringing down a shady sex trafficking organization? HOOKED!

Was the writing perfect? No. There were plenty of cliches. Plenty of overused metaphors. Plenty of over the top, dramatic inner dialogue.

But you know what? I DIDN’T CARE.

The plotline and the story was so good, all of the things that normally irritate me didn’t seem to matter so much.

Looking for a great weekend read? Look no further. Say the Word is the one.


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