Right Under Your Nose Review

Right Under Your Nose

By Holly Tierney Bedord

I was gifted this book as a thank you from the author for reviewing her first book.

This was a great sequel and follow up to “Right Under Your Nose.” I felt that Ariadne had definitely matured in this book and her immaturity was the thing that bothered me most in the first book. Her personality growth was a welcome change.

Ariadne and Jess are busily planning their wedding when Jess’s ex, Laurel, announces she is pregnant. Jess wants to be there for the baby that is probably his. Ariadne isn’t sure how to handle it and then she sees Laurel doing strange things and Jess doesn’t believe her.

The magical bookstore, Right Under Your Nose, plays a role in this story, as well! I love the story of the store and seeing its legacy continue. This was a sweet read and I really enjoyed it!

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