Review of “Winging It”

“Winging It” Book Review

Title: “Winging It”

Author: Christine S. Feldman

Pages: 63

Genre: Novella, Chick Lit, Romantic Comedy

Sorry about our hiatus, followers! As you know, I’m a teacher so the end of the school year has me busy, busy, busy! This is a short review because it’s a pretty short story. Let’s get to it!

This was a very cute book! It’s more novella than novel. It all takes place one night. Simon’s mother has invited him to yet another blind date in her attempt to get my grand babies. On his way there, a woman jumps in his car and tells him to tail somebody and his life is forever changed. He and Juleen have hilarious adventures and mishaps tracking her grandfather’s bird. Simon realizes that he doesn’t want the “perfect” life and wife his mother is trying to carve out for him. He wants to “wing it.” This was a very cute, funny, romantic story.

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