Review of Desperately Ever After

Review of Desperately Ever After

Author: Laura Kenyon

Genre: Chick Lit, Fairytale, Modern Fairytales

Pages: 296

Published: February 1st, 2014

Um, this book was unexpectedly amazing!!! 5 out of 5. This book is about Belle, Rapunzel, Penny (princess and the pea), and Cindy (Cinderella) with a little taste of Dawn (Sleeping Beauty) and Snow. Belle discovers in the beginning of the book that her husband, Donner/the beast is cheating on her. But she’s supposed to have a happily ever after? What will she do now? Cindy is bored by her queenly life with four children and has regrets about all the things she never got to do pre-baby. Rapunzel was abandoned by the prince who saved her and now vows to get close to no man. Penny’s prince husband is still a Mama’s boy. The really cool thing is that these characters are like in modern times (using video chat) and they interact like modern-day girlfriends. Their “kingdoms” seem more like neighboring cities. 

I loved each of the three main characters. They all had something to learn in the story and experienced personal growth. It was kind of awesome to see the well-known characters as real, and not perfect, people. None of their happily-ever-afters have turned out quite as they expected it. 

I was seriously sucked into the story. I read it in a span of a few hours all in one night. I was immediately hooked from page one. The story had a good pace and plot. The book leaves you satisfied, but longing for the sequel. If your book has the first chapter of the sequel, you’ll be wanting to run out and buy it even more! Trust me, I want to. Basically, this was a good chick lit kind of book with a fairytale twist and real-life issues! I would HIGHLY recommend it!

P.S. I was curious about the inspiration behind Laura’s fairytales comes from (they aren’t exactly the Disney version, they are much more intriguing!) Here was her answer on Twitter. Thanks for responding to me, Laura!


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