Regency Love Review

Review of Regency Love

The map of everywhere you can go in the game.
The map of everywhere you can go in the game.

Hello lovely readers! Today will be a little bit different because I want to review an app, instead of a game! However, I think this is an app that a lot of book lovers will adore!

I discovered the app, “Regency Love” when a friend told me about it. I was intrigued because it sounded like a “choose your own adventure book,” but in app format. It is very similar to that! In addition, it takes place during one of the most interesting times- the regency era. You play a female character who interacts with other characters. Choosing your responses will determine your fate. Will you end up with your friend’s brother? The aloof and sarcastic, but intelligent with a heart of gold, party guest? Will you become an officer’s wife? Will you end up alone because you refuse to marry for any reason other than love? This is one of those games that you can play over and over again, changing your answers to get a different outcome. According to a reply on the studio’s facebook page, there are over 50 different paragraphs you could get as part of the epilogue!

The game isn’t just about romance, though. You also interact with two close friends, giving one advice on her love life. You choose how to treat your mother and various family friends. There is even a little girl character and a cat as a character!

You can choose between different response options when talking to characters.
You can choose between different response options when talking to characters.

Book lovers may love it because it reads like a “choose your own adventure” book. In addition to that, though, you also have to take quizzes about the regency period to advance forward in the game, including questions about literature written at the time (lots of Jane Austen questions)! You can also discuss certain books with at least one character in the game. After all, reading was one of the skills regency ladies needed to learn!

I would give this app the highest rating possible! It was absolutely worth the money to download it. I have had hours of fun ending up with different bachelors or cutting all my ties and ending up alone. They recently added a new character as part of an in-app purchase and I bought it without hesitation! The studio has plans to continue expanding the game. Book and gaming lovers, purchase this app!

*This review is my honest option and I got nothing for writing it and I will get nothing if you purchase the game. The pictures are my personal screenshots from my game play.*

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