Phone Kitten Review and Man Crush Monday

Phone Kitten Review and Man Crush Monday

Book Title: Phone Kitten

Author: Marika Christian

Pages: 253

Genre: Chick Lit, Cozy Mystery

This is definitely the first book I’ve read about something in the “phone kitten” industry. It ended up being really good! Main character Emily is lacking self-confidence, which is why she lets her co-worker friend, Dani, look over her article before she brings it to her boss for possible publishing. She then finds out that Dani has already passed the article off as her own and Emily ends up being fired. This is how Emily ends up in the phone kitten business. Emily’s tales of her new job were more humorous than erotic. She never pictured herself in such a position, but can’t deny that she’s good at it. All the trouble starts when Emily ends up at the same place as one of her clients. He figures out who she is, threatens her to do everything he wants or he’ll blackmail her employer, and then ends up dead the next day. Emily wants to know what happened to him, but also sees this as her opportunity to write a big story that will land her back in the world of journalism. She turns into an amateur sleuth and starts investigating his death.

Emily was a very likeable character. She recently lost 30 pounds, but can’t shake off the feeling of being a “chub” as she calls herself. I could relate to her lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. Emily also had a very good heart. She had a lot of compassion for those around her, whether they were lonely guys calling her hotline or possible murder suspects. Her friend Dennis was confusing and I don’t know whether or not I like him. They just seemed like an odd couple. He’s described as looking like a marine and being a personal trainer. Dennis does tell Emily what she needs to hear, though not always in a tactful, loving way. His partner, Craig, was a great character. He and Emily seemed to “click” more naturally than Dennis and Emily. Craig also gave Emily good advice, but in a more sympathetic manner.

Rick was another great character and today’s Man Crush Monday! Rick is a “history hottie” from Emily’s community college class. I loved that he loved ice cream and took her there on their first date. Gotta love a man who appreciates the importance of good frozen treats! *Possible spoiler: At first, Emily wasn’t honest about her profession. When Rick found out, he was upset that she wasn’t honest, but could accept what she did as long as it didn’t make her feel jaded toward men, thinking that every man was out just to get something from her. He had a lot of insight about the situation! He was understanding of Emily being kissed by another man to get information. He was also very romantic, taking Emily away for a weekend getaway near the end of the story.* End spoiler

The mystery in the story was just so-so. It’s one of those cozy mysteries, where a complicated and well-thought-out who dunnit isn’t as important as the fun the main character has along the way. Emily did get to meet a lot of varied and interesting characters through her sleuthing. Overall, I enjoyed this read because I really liked Emily and was routing for her.

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