Not Perfect: A Novel Review

Not Perfect: A Novel

By Elizabeth LaBan

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The premise was fascinating to me. A woman’s husband basically disappears on her. It isn’t until close to the end of the book that we found out under what circumstances he leaves. Meanwhile, she tries to survive by stealing or being “resourceful.” The main character, Tabitha, is relatable and this book has some amazing secondary characters. I loved, loved Nora who Tabitha meets in the most unexpected way. I loved Toby, who Tabitha meets while going to an alumni party for the free food. Her kids were sweet for all they had to deal with. Even an annoying character like Julie turned out to have redeeming qualities. 

This novel really kept my attention as I couldn’t wait to figure out where Stuart was and if he ever came back. It was fast-paced. I can relate to Tabitha’s feelings of guilt over certain situations and not being able to move past it. There are some good lessons to be learned from this novel. A very entertaining read.

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