Murder at Mistletoe Manor Review

Murder at Mistletoe Manor

By Holly Tierney-Bedord

Genre: Christmas novella, mystery, chick lit

4 out of 5 chickadees singing! This was a fun Christmas mystery that reminded me of the great novel- And Then There Were None. Klarinda owns Mistletoe Manor, an inn that never seems to have enough guests or enough money. Klarinda is shocked when the inn is full on a Tuesday evening by people who don’t seem to be traveling together. Soon, she finds out they all got mysterious envelopes inviting them to the manor and that almost all of them know each other from boarding school. One by one, guests mysteriously die and Klarinda tries to investigate. 

I thought the story moved at a very good pace and I liked all the mysterious happenings. There was a lot of humor interspersed with the deaths, which made it more entertaining than macabre. I wish there had been more clues along the way so that the reader could have figured out the mystery ahead of time- I guessed at who it was, but there wasn’t a lot of hard evidence presented until after the murderer had been revealed. Overall, it was a very entertaining mystery story!

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