Mistletoe at Moonglow Review

Mistletoe at Moonglow

By Deborah Garner

Genre: Christmas novella, women’a fiction

4 out of 5 singing chickadees! Although this is technically part of a cozy mystery series, it’s not a mystery and it can be easily read as a stand alone novella. Main character Mist sees the world a little bit differently than everyone else- some say she has magic. She looks for ways to brighten up others’ lives and has an uncanny ability to figure out what they need. She has a cafe inside of a bed and breakfast type establishment. Betty and Clive run the hotel. This Christmas, a variety of people are coming who have all experienced some sort of loss and loneliness this past year. Mist takes it upon herself to make sure everyone has a magical Christmas.

This was everything a person wants a Christmas novella to be. It was a very light, sweet, and charming story. It had an uncomplicated plot- no major drama- just smooth sailing. This book also had a surprisingly large number of cookie recipes at the end! It is the kind of story you would read sipping cocoa by the fire. If you need to get in the Christmas mood, I would recommend this story.

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