Match Me If You Can Book Review

Match Me If You Can

I am so excited to share Michele Gorman’s newest book with you! Michele Gorman also wrote The Curvy Girl’s Club and The Curvy Girl’s Baby Club, reviewed here and here, respectively. Check out the adorable covers below! Which is your favorite? I think I like the UK one best! I almost always seem to like the UK covers the best! Picture provided to me by Notting Hill Press.

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Match Me If You Can Book Review

A big thanks to Notting Hill Press for providing me with this book in exchange for an honest review! This book had a very interesting premise. One of the main characters, Catherine, and her ex-husband, Richard, started a dating website with a twist. At RecycLove, individuals join the site with one of their exes. The former partners review each other privately to learn where they can improve. They also each write a public recommendation of the other.

Catherine, Rachel, and Sarah are all housemates in London who are looking for love. Rachel and Sarah join RecycLove while Catherine works with her clients AND her ex-husband. When Catherine’s husband sells the business to his fiancee, Magda, she owns half of it and wants a say in everything! In the midst of their adventures with RecycLove, Rachel and Sarah have other things to worry about. Sarah’s mother passed away a few years ago and she and her brother are in charge of their younger sister, Sissy, who has Down’s Syndrome. Sarah has had trouble putting herself out there since her mother’s death. Rachel is an architect trying to get ahead at work, but this means competing against her ex-boyfriend, James. Add in a house renovation and there are a lot of events happening in this story!

I really enjoyed Michele Gorman’s newest novel! These three characters had very different personalities, but they complemented each other. I was invested in each of their stories and the stories of those they interacted with. I liked that some parts of their stories were intertwined, but many weren’t. It was fun to read about the different people the girls went on dates with. Each character learned something new about herself by the end of the story. Although there were some love stories, it was more about them growing as people. I also liked the inclusion of a character with a disability. That story line was very well-done. This novel was engaging and fast-paced enough to keep my interest. I read it very quickly! 4/5 stars! I would highly recommend this novel to fans of chick lit!

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