Man Crush Monday- Peeta

Man Crush Monday- Peeta

Katniss in front, Peeta is far right, and Gale is far left. Who would you pick?

I love Peeta from the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins! There were two love interests in The Hunger Games for main character, Katniss- Peeta and Gale. Gale was Katniss’s friend growing up. She and Gale grew up together and sneaked off to hunt in the woods frequently. Katniss went to school with Peeta, but had only had one encounter with him before The Hunger Games.

Why do I looooove Peeta???? Well, the first experience Katniss had with Peeta was when he was working in his parent’s bread shop and he saw her outside starving. Peeta purposely burns bread so he can throw it out to the pigs, but throws it to Katniss instead. This wasn’t shown in the movie, but Peeta is physically punished by his mother for burning the bread. Before they even had any sort of relationship, he sacrificed himself for her. Awwwww….

Peeta never stops sacrificing for Katniss. After they both end up in The Hunger Games, Peeta’s main goal is not to save himself, but to save Katniss. Peeta is the definition of true love- putting the other person before yourself. It takes Katniss a while to learn this kind of love. When she joins the Games, she is only concerned about getting herself out alive. She is suspicious of Peeta for a while, believing he is only looking out for himself as well. But that’s not who Peeta is and Katniss grows to learn that. Peeta’s love and sacrifice for her shows her what an amazing, saint-like person he is and she becomes devoted to making sure he lives because she believes he is a better person, therefore the world needs him more.

Peeta continues to sacrifice himself throughout the trilogy and put Katniss first. Their personalities are very different; she is so intense and he is so calm. While she is hardened by their circumstances, he is optimistic. I don’t want to say who Katniss ends up with, but I was rooting for Peeta from the beginning! That’s why he is this week’s Mancrush Monday!



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