Man Crush Monday – Arin

the winner's curse


Marie Rutkoski’s novel, The Winner’s Curse, kicked my butt with ALL THE FEELS!


I both loved and hated this week’s Man Crush Monday, Arin.


Purchased as a slave by the general’s daughter, Arin is actually a spying revolutionary determined to overthrow the invading government that took over his country and enslaved his people. Too bad he ends up falling in love with his owner. Betrayal and heartbreak ensue, and I was taken on an emotional roller coaster of love and hate. Ugh! So many feels!


Arin possesses many good qualities one looks for in a swoon-worthy character: good looks, brilliance, sarcasm, and musical talent. That being said, I kept calling him an idiot in the last half of the book!


I suppose he did the best he could with the hand he had been dealt. He treated Kestrel well, and did his best to become a good leader. I just wish he hadn’t stomped all over Kestrel’s heart in the process. (Sorry to be so vague, but SPOILERS!)


And just when I thought things might get better, there was THAT ENDING. Gaaahhh!


I don’t know what’s in store for Kestrel and Arin, but I DO know this, Arin makes one hell of a Man Crush Monday!

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