Man Crush Monday- Jim

Man Crush Monday- Jim from Drumbeats

About a month ago, as part of a Brook Cottage Books book tour, I read Drumbeats by Julia Ibbotson. See that post here. In my review, I said Jim, one love interest, may be a Man Crush Monday in the future. Well, the future has arrived!

I totally fell in love with Jim in this book! Ok, first of all, what girl doesn’t dream of visiting a distant country and meeting a guy to fall in love with? The problem is that the main character, Jess, has a guy back home, but whatever. Jim is awesome! He’s in Africa with the Peace Corps so that immediately shows that he has a kind and caring heart. He also finds a way to get Jess mosquito nets for the villagers because he wants to help the African people in every way possible. He forms actual, real friendships with the villagers outside of his regular duties. He introduces Jess to people in the village. He also “pulls strings” to get an outcast woman with a sick baby back into the good graces of society (I don’t want to say how and give anything away).

In addition to his kind heart for the people of Africa, Jim also has a dangerous and mysterious side to him. He seems to know more about the government of Africa than he lets on and when Jess takes a trip with him, she ends up injured in a dangerous situation. Girls can’t help but be attracted to guys who have an element of mystery and danger, yet are kind and gentle with the women they love. There is even more mystery to Jim at the end of the book and a lot of questions are left unanswered, which is why I can’t wait to read the sequel!

Handsome, kind-hearted, giving, sweet, mysterious, and dangerous Jim is our Man Crush Monday today!

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