Landline Book Review

Landline Book Review

by: Rainbow Rowell

I really enjoyed this book! My favorite of Rainbow Rowell’s book was The Attachments and I didn’t enjoy Fangirl and Eleanor and Park as much, so I wondered what I would think of this one. I’m happy to say it was more along the vein of The Attachments and I really enjoyed it!

What if you were unsure about your marriage? What if you then had a chance to reach into the past and talk to your husband when you were both just dating? When this happens to Georgie, she thinks she’s going insane. She and her writing partner, Seth, have just hit a lucky break in their comedy screening writing careers. Unfortunately, this means Georgie won’t be able to travel for Christmas with her husband, Dean, and their two daughters. When Georgie calls Dean using her parents’ landline, she’s talking to past Dean the week before he proposes to her. Georgie doesn’t know if she’s supposed to change the past and prevent their marriage or what.

I just loved the idea of a marriage in trouble being able to go back to the past and renew those old feelings of love. I also related to the idea of not knowing if you “fit” with someone else, but feeling like you can’t live without them.

I could definitely relate to Georgie. I liked her character in general. I liked the subplot with her sister, Heather, and reading about her interesting family dynamic.

Although this book wasn’t earth-shattering, it kept my interest, make me care about the characters, and had a fascinating premise. I would recommend it!

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