Kisses From Katie Book Review

Kisses from Katie Book Review

This review isn’t going to be that well-written or eloquent. Lol. Forewarning. :)

You may have heard of the book Kisses From Katie by Katie Davis with Beth Clark. It was a New York Times Bestseller! This is the story of Katie Davis. She grew up in a middle to upper class family in Tennessee. When Katie decides to go on a mission trip to Uganda, it changes her life. She feels such a calling to that place that she can’t wait to go back. Her parents are worried about it and agree she can go for only one year before she needs to return to the states and go to college. Katie ends up adopting 13 girls and starting a ministry in Uganda. According to her ministry, AMAZIMA’s website, she know has over 70 employees and many different areas of outreach.

I’m having trouble reviewing this book. It is amazing that God called an unlikely person such as Katie to come do His work in Uganda. I admire her for following His will and for all she has done. I love reading about adoption and so Katie and her thirteen daughters was awesome to read about and inspiring.

However, I had trouble fully understanding Katie’s story. I almost want to say it doesn’t sound real or believable, but Katie would say that God can do things that don’t seem believable. I guess I should word it that this book was seriously lacking in details that made me understand how all this happened. Katie goes to Uganda for a year before college. She ends up adopting a bunch of girls, yet she is still dating her boyfriend back home. ???? What exactly was her plan here? What the heck was he thinking when she told him about her ideas? None of that is explained. We know her parents didn’t want her to go to Uganda, yet we have no idea what they thought of her adopting all these girls. When she decides to start a ministry, she asks for her parents’ help back home, and BAM, tons of donations coming in and she has a full-fledged non-profit with numerous employees. Huh? I kept wondering how Katie could cook for over a hundred children who were part of the sponsorship program. It just didn’t seem possible for one woman to make and serve all that food and be able to supervise that many children. She does occasionally mention other helpers and I kept wondering where these helpers came from- were they friends? Employees of her non-profit? Where did she find these ladies? I also kept wondering how she had enough money to go through the legal process of adoption all these children, only to find out near the end of the book that they are technically foster children. I also didn’t understand how she could leave all her children to go back to college and why her parents would encourage her to leave children she had a legal (and otherwise) responsibility to. This book left me with SO MANY questions.

I guess this book was more of an inspirational story with mini sermons in it, than Katie’s actual life story. I did enjoy Katie’s thoughts, conversations with God, etc. It just lacked a lot of the information I would have liked to have read about. However, I’m giving this book 3 out of 5 stars because it was engaging and inspirational. It did make me want to really make a difference in the world. I would also suggest checking out the ministry’s website and considering donating or buying some jewelry made by the women there! It truly does seem like a great ministry.¬†

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