Izzy As Is Review

Izzy As Is

By Tracie Bannister

I was given this book and am voluntarily reviewing it. It was so much fun to read more about party-girl Izzy! Izzy has been living the high life as a model. She is horrified to learn that now that she’s hit 30, the jobs are drying up. When she sees a former model frenemy with a rich old man, she gets an idea. Her next “career” will be trophy wife to someone wealthy and she can continue the lifestyle she is accustomed to. She eventually finds the rich and handsome Eduardo, but as their relationship continues, Izzy realizes some flaws in her plan. 

Izzy is such a fun main character. Although I couldn’t always relate to her, it was fun to read about someone so different than myself. I really liked Izzy’s character growth and getting to read more about Pilar and Ford. This book kept me engaged the whole time and was fast-paced. I really enjoyed it! It was just fun!

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