I’m BAAAACCKKK!!! Lindsey (FINALLY) Finishes A Book!

In an effort to snap out of my reading slump, I have jumped out of my comfort zone and dived into some non-fiction.

And I finally, FINALLY finished an entire book! For the first time in what feels like ages! It was a short book, but a whole, entire book from start to finish, nevertheless!

What is this magical tome, you may ask?

Image from Amazon
Image from Amazon

Laura Vanderkam’s What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.

Part of the reason I’ve been feeling so blue lately stems from frustration- discouraged with my health, exasperated with the tidiness of my home, uninspired with my recipes, irritated with my to-do list that never gets finished…

Browsing a blog post on time management and productivity by “Modern Mrs. Darcy” caused me to stumble across the above book. And it was really, REALLY good!

Chock full of research and studies, Vanderkam shares how:

“Before the rest of the world is eating breakfast, the most successful people have already scored daily victories that are advancing them toward the lives they want.”

Rescuing early morning hours for purposeful work towards advancing one’s career, cultivating one’s relationships, and renewing oneself are vitally important.

Statistically speaking, successful people wake up earlier than those of us schlumps who don’t. They vigilantly guard their early morning hours for personal and professional development.

Fewer distractions and interruptions exist in the early hours. Urgent emails are rarely sent at 5 AM, kiddos are still asleep, and no coworkers are knocking on the office door.

The time before breakfast can be spent strategizing long term goals for work, writing a thank you note to a high school English teacher, or training at the gym.

“We all have 168 hours a week, but not all hours are equally suited to all things.”

Rather than mindlessly wasting that precious time on Pinterest or deleting emails, those moments could be promoting growth.

“The most successful people know that the hopeful hours before most people eat breakfast are far too precious to be blown on semi-conscious activities.”

Plus, studies show that we are more positive, and have more self-control left in our “banks” in the mornings than we do later in the day. Each irritating customer, each whining child, each decision to eat a carrot rather than a donut chips away at the limited amount of self-control we possess. By the end of the day, we’re on empty. That’s why most diet “cheats” or “binging” occur at night.

“New research into that old-fashioned concept of will power is showing that tasks that require self-discipline are simply easier to do while the day is young.”

This quick, fascinating read on the power of a purposeful morning routines has really given me hope. Maybe if I implement some of these suggestions, I will get more accomplished?

I might sleep better, drop a few pounds, and help my antsy puppy release some pent-up energy by going on an early morning walk/jog every day.

Perhaps if I threw in a load of laundry and started a cycle of dishes in the dishwasher before I left for work, then I wouldn’t feel so frazzled and overwhelmed by mountains of dirty clothes and dishes when I return home.

I imagine that I could compose a few blog posts in the early morning hours if I could keep my hands off of Pinterest and Instagram.

For the next few weeks, I am determined to try. Stay tuned to see if I succeed! And be sure to check out What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast at your local library or on Amazon!

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