I Miss Mummy Book Review

I Miss Mummy

By Cathy Glass

Genre: Non-fiction, memoir

I continue to love Cathy Glass books! Poor little Alice is going to be taken into care when her mother snatches her and takes her into hiding. Luckily, Alice is later returned. As Alice stays with Cathy, Cathy becomes more and more confused about why exactly Alice was taken into care. She seemed to be well-looked after by her mother and grandparents. Social services prepares to have Alice get ready for adoption by her father and new stepmother, who she barely has a relationship with. Alice’s new stepmother is overbearing and overwhelming.

Again, it was so interesting to read about the foster care system in the U.K. Alice was such a sweet little girl to read about and I really came to care for her and her family. The book has a thorough resolution and I’ll be looking on her site for further updates.

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