I Hate Books on Christian Dating Book Review

I Hate Books on Christian Dating

Author: Katrina Blank

Genre: Memoir, Christian

Pages: 200

Publisher: Self-published

I’m super excited to share a book my friend wrote that’s really, really good! The book is entitled¬†I Hate Books on Christian Dating and it is a memoir of author Katrina Blank finding her purpose in life. She grew up in a Christian home that was somewhat charismatic and this caused her to look for “signs of God” everywhere. Then, she started wondering, “How do we actually hear from God? And how do we know it’s Him?” She explores various ministry career paths in her attempt to find “God’s will for her life,” including working with orphans in Africa, being a counselor at Christian summer camp, and being the resident director of a freshman dorm at a Christian University.

It’s shocking that this is Katrina’s first book! Her writing style is incredibly engaging. She has so many hilarious anecdotes about her various adventures- the girl won Super Bowl tickets from Doritos! I’m impressed at how she ties her various adventures and stories together with a common theme. ¬†I was immediately hooked on reading her story and completed it in a few hours one night.

She is also incredibly real! Although this is a memoir about finding God, it’s not a preachy package of theology. It has real stories about doubt and questioning. Katrina doesn’t claim to have all the answers; she’s just sharing her story of what she has learned so far. What she has to share is very enlightening and in a very fun format. It was an incredibly enjoyable read with a good message.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of Katrina’s books, please head to www.katrinablank.com and click on “get the book.”

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