Hold Her Down Book Review

Hold Her Down Book Review

Title: Hold Her Down

Author: Kathryn Biel

Pages: 259

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Published by: Self-published March 13, 2014

This book had a great main character! Elizabeth is an overworked and underappreciated mother of two. She is also a special education preschool teacher, which is a very stressful job, but because it doesn’t pay very much, her husband doesn’t appreciate her contributions. Their marriage is falling apart. All they ever do is talk about the kids’ schedules, finances, and chores. One night, Elizabeth finally makes it out of the house. She on her way to hang out with her best friend, Susan, when her car breaks down. Elizabeth feels like she’s at the end of her rope and contemplates staying out in the cold until she dies. Luckily, she thinks of how that would leave her children and gains the strength to walk to the nearest house. The house she finds turns out to belong to an old high school crush, John. She spends the weekend confiding in him and realizes she needs to make some changes. The book forwards two years into the future. Elizabeth’s marriage has turned into a non-romantic partnership, but at least it’s better than it was before. Elizabeth gets invited to a book launch party for an acquaintance’s ex-husband. Long story short, Elizabeth finally finds out that John is the ex-husband and he wrote an erotic novel about her, even though they never did anything. Now everyone in town thinks Elizabeth is a scandalous skank. Elizabeth, who has always been a people pleaser, is devastated. She has to learn to stand on her own two feet and become confident in the face of a difficult situation.

I feel that many women can relate to Elizabeth. Many women and mothers feel the way Elizabeth does. They are trapped and don’t know a way out. I could definitely relate to her. I felt so sorry for the situation she was put in and didn’t know how I would handle it myself. I loved the ending of the book because Elizabeth learned to become more independent and to take care of herself. I also liked how unique the premise of this book was. The cover of the book is the cover of the fictional book, so don’t be put off by it. This is women’s fiction, not romance or erotica. The book kept my interest the whole time and I kept reading to find out what would happen next. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who can relate to Elizabeth’s situation.

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