Gone Girl Review

Gone Girl

By Gillian Flynn

Ok, I think I’m finally ready to review this book. This may be a very short review, though. I’ve been putting this review off because I wasn’t sure how I felt about the book. I decided to put 5 stars because I did think it was very well-written and engaging.

Despite the 5 stars, it’s hard for me to imagine recommending this book to anyone. This book was kind of disturbing and it haunted me for days afterward. Especially the ending. That is the sign of a great, really well-done book. My husband and I listened to this book on audiobook and it was a fabulous choice because it absolutely appealed to both sexes. The book may have been more creepy through audiobook because it’s like the characters are talking directly to you and their voices are in your head. Immediately, we were both hooked on the story, coming up with theories about what we thought happened. (I’m happy to say my theory was correct.) The novel kept our interest the entire time and my husband is NOT a reader. We literally sat at home doing nothing but listening for 4 hours one work night because we had to finish the story in 4 days. We had to know how it ended. If you like thrillers and suspense and can handle a bit of disturbing material, this is a book you need to read.

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