For Rent Book Review

For Rent

By Erin Huss

Genre: Chick Lit, cozy mysteries, fiction


I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This was such a cute and funny book! I love that this book is based on Erin Huss’s real-life experiences as an apartment manager. You can check out more hilarious stories at her blog:¬† . Main character Cambria is desperate for a job, a place, and a paycheck. She thinks her prayers are answered when she applies for a job as an apartment manager that includes an on-site apartment. When she meets Chase, the hot handyman, she’s even more excited. Cambria ends up getting the job, but it’s not quite what she expected! A series of car thefts occur when she starts the job, causing multiple residents to move out. She also has to deal with the apartment owner’s crazy son, who likes to swim in the nude, among other strange habits. There’s the elderly couple who makes too much noise in their bedroom, bothering their neighbor and her pet bird who goes with her everywhere. Cambria makes it her mission to solve the crimes, keep her residents happy, and get a little closer to the hot handyman.

This book was simply hilarious with all the crazy residents! I really felt bad for poor Cambria being thrown into a job where someone didn’t give her all the dirty details. The mystery was intriguing, especially some surprise stuff that is revealed right at the very end. There was also some romance in this story with the handyman and with Cambria’s ex, who is the father of her daughter. The only thing that could have improved this story would have been for the reader to see more of the relationship between Cambria and her daughter. This story really engaged me right from the get-go and I read it in just a few days. I would highly recommend this story to fans of humor, chick lit, and cozy mysteries!

*Book cover provided to me by the author*

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