Far From Here Book Review

Far From Here

By Nicole Baart

Genre: Literary fiction

3 out of 5 stars. This was an… interesting book. I really enjoyed Baart’s trilogy series, but the books I’ve read of hers since then are so different. I did enjoy this book more than “The Moment Between.” Baart is a Christian author, but this isn’t really a Christian novel and that’s fine. Dani has been married to Etsell for 10 years. He has always dreamed of being an Alaskan bush pilot, but Dani hates flying and the idea of leaving her hometown. When Etsell gets the opportunity to take over for a friend in Alaska for three weeks, Dani doesn’t hold him back. But then Etsell goes missing and Dani overcomes her fear of flying to search for him. Things get more complicated when Dani finds out that a woman named Samantha, who Estell often flew places, is also missing.

This book is full of complicated relationships. Dani has a complicated relationship with her mother, who raised her girls in a trailer with a string of different boyfriends. Dani hasn’t seen her oldest sister, Natalie, in four years. Dani’s other sister, Kat, works as a bartender in a gentleman’s club and randomly crashes on her couch. Hazel is Estell’s “surrogate” mother after his own passed away and she and Dani have always had a somewhat strained relationship. Dani’s pastor neighbor, Ben, is a quiet, unobtrusive man who starts coming around after Estell disappears. All of these people play an important role in helping Dani (even when it doesn’t feel like help) after Estell’s disappearance.

I liked main character Dani and the other characters and reading about their relationships. There was some mystery in the story about whether or not Estell would return and about some other events. In fact, the book ends on a bit of a mystery and it’s up to the reader to guess at part of the ending.

This book was full of some really poetic phrases like “tulips that would open their cups to the sun as if waiting to be filled with warm, golden rays like nectar.” (Pgs. 43-44) Baart is a really talented writer.

Why am I only giving this book 3 stars? It was a little slow and I felt like the poetic language sometimes got in the way of the real rawness that should have been present when a wife’s husband is missing. Something about it was a little off. Nevertheless, I’m glad I read it.

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