Fab Five Mommy Stories

Fab Five Women’s Fiction Mommy Stories

Do you love mommy drama? Here are the top five fiction stories about being a mom I’ve read!

1. The Accidental Mother by Rowan Coleman: I really enjoyed this story! Sophie is a career woman who has lost touch with her old best friend, Carrie. Carrie passed away, leaving six-year-old Bella and three-year-old Izzy to Sophie, since their dad ran off a few years ago. Sophie never imagined herself as a mother, but she finds herself falling in love with the girls when their father returns. I really loved this book, although it was somewhat cliche, it was adorable and fun!

2. Totlandia: Book One: The Onesies-Fall by Josie Brown: I just read this book and was surprised at how much I liked it. Four parents are trying to get into the exclusive Pacific Heights Moms and Tots Club, their first step to their children’s successful future. However, each parent has a secret they want to keep hidden from the group. The readers get to read the story from the different parents’ different perspectives. It was really interesting how they’re all trying to keep secrets from each other and all the crazy rules of the Moms and Tots Club. I got really sucked into each story!

3. But I said Forever by Jennifer Gilby Roberts: Brittany is a mother who feels she has lost her own identity in being a wife and mother. She starts attempting to become more independent, when she finds out a secret about her husband, Philip. I feel like a lot of moms will be able to relate to Brittany’s feelings in this story.

4. A Year in the Life of the Playground Mother by Christie Barlow: This is the story of a mother who moves into a new town and has to deal with the “playground mafia.” She has some crazy neighbors and fellow moms to deal with, so the story gets pretty hilarious. Rachel, the main character, is a likeable woman and just about the only good mother around. You pity her!

5. Finding Emma by Steena Holmes: Megan’s daughter, Emma, has been missing for two years and she thinks she sees her daughter everywhere. I loved this book! The emotion was so real in all the characters. They truly felt like real people going through an unspeakable crisis. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! If you like books about mothers and relationships, buy this book!

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