Fab Five Friday- Christmas Novellas

Fab Five Christmas Novellas I’ve Read

I know it’s past Christmas, but that’s when I read my Christmas books! Here were the best five Christmas short stories I read, this season and in season’s past.

1. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens: This is the classic Christmas tale of a guy turning from a Scrooge to kind-hearted, generous philanthropist due to the visits from Past, Present, and Future ghosts. I know everyone has seen the remakes and different versions of this story, but I think everyone should read the original story at least once.

2. The Christmas Bus by Melody Carlson: This is a cute novella that mirrors the Bible story of Jesus being born. Christmas Valley is a touristy town for those obsessed with Christmas, but this year is not going according to plan for the residents.

3. Fairy Tale In New York by Nicky Wells: This Christmas tale is about a rock star, his girlfriend, and their baby girl. They get stranded in New York for Christmas after giving their seats up to a man so he can make his child’s birth. While stranded, they re-learn the spirit of Christmas and make a lot of new friends along the way. This was a really cute chick-lit Christmas story that warmed my heart.

4. ‘Twas the Nate Before Christmas by Sophie Sloane: This was an adorable story about a girl who has always been obsessed with England and the Beatles who is spending her first Christmas in England. She keeps running into a handsome guy and doesn’t know if she can trust him or not. She knows he has some sort of secret. I loved the main character and her over-dramatic first-person voice.

5. The Christmas Shoppe by Melody Carlson: Melody Carlson is the queen of cute, warm holiday novellas. We meet another little town called Parrish Springs that is full of different kinds of residents. A strange woman named Matilda comes to town and opens a thrift store of sorts, but her items have more of an effect on people than the typical thrift store fare. This book had a great message of redemption.

***The photos and links above are from Amazon.com. I do not get paid by authors or publishers for my reviews- they are 100% my personal, honest opinion! I do, however, receive a small commission when you purchase a book through Amazon by clicking one of the links above. This does not impact the authenticity of my reviews in any way.***

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