Fab Five Friday- Best Books I read in 2014

Fab Five Friday- Best Books I read in 2014

I read 84 books in 2014! Here are five of my favorites:


1. Desperately Ever After and Damsels in Distress by Laura Kenyon: Whoa, these books unexpectedly blew me away! They had all of my favorite elements put together. I love fairytales, fairytale characters, chick lit, and humor. This series had it all! These ladies are not as perfect as in the fairytales and they have some real issues to work through- infidelity, regrets from pre-fairytale life, building up walls to keep others out, and crazy mother-in-laws. Each of the ladies shows growth from the beginning of the book to the end. I am eagerly awaiting the third and final book to see how it all works out. Read my full reviews here and here.


2. Shadow Maker by James R. Hannibal: This thriller and suspense book was incredible! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! It’s written by a former military member so it has descriptions of detailed military technology, military techniques, and exotic locations. The main character, Nick Baron, is quite likeable and admirable.  You’re rooting for him right from the beginning. Read the full review and awesome author interview here.

3. The Giver by Lois Lowry: This was another incredible read that I should have read long ago. The Giver is one of the great, original dystopian novels and the book is a thousand times better than the movie. In this book, Jonas lives in a world without pain, but also, without freedom. The society decides who you marry, what your job is, what you eat, etc. Jonas is chosen to become the next Giver and as such, he must receive memories from the current Giver that society has erased. Jonas learns about life before the current society and has some difficult choices to make. This book had a great message!

4. The Baby Trap by Sibel Hodge: This is probably the funniest book I read all year! This is the story of Gina and Carl, who are trying to have a baby. When they struggle with infertility, Gina is willing to try every method- on and off the books- to become pregnant. Underneath all the humor is a wonderful message about desire, loss, and how to handle what life gives you.

5. But I Said Forever by Jennifer Gilby Roberts: This was a sequel to The Dr. Pepper Prophecies, but I enjoyed it more than the first book. Mel’s sister, Brittany, is living what should be the perfect life. She is married to a successful man and able to stay home with her son, but she feels like her marriage is falling apart. Her husband ignores her and she wants more out of life. Brittany decides to get a job at a bakery and as she starts becoming more independent, she finds out a big secret about her husband. I really enjoyed watching Brittany’s growth and I loved the secondary characters in this story.

***The photos and links above are from Amazon.com. I do not get paid by authors or publishers for my reviews- they are 100% my personal, honest opinion! I do, however, receive a small commission when you purchase a book through Amazon by clicking one of the links above. This does not impact the authenticity of my reviews in any way.***

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